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Do you want to know more about developing talent in people, groups and organizations, all the while bringing out the best in each one? How about my trajectory and interest in the Age of Longevity? Well, take a seat and read along.

I'm a PsychoNeuroHacker. I explain: a psychologist, who studies neuroscience and experiences everything she learns before taking it to her clients. Better to inspire than to tell people what they have to do, right?

Creator of the Life Strategies method and process, which encompasses behavioral preference profile analysis, combines mentoring tools, contains a therapeutic approach, with neuroscience fundamentals, techniques for change, operating both in Brazil and abroad.

Clinical Psychologist, trained in psychoanalysis, MBA in management... curious by nature, an innate entrepreneur by profile and vocation.

My academic background is consistent yet diverse, the result of a lot of personal investment, but what defines me is the transversality of specialties that today translate the focus of my work: creating favorable environments so that people can be the best version of themselves.

I participate as a volunteer in actions focused on entrepreneurship in Brazil through my presence at the events of MEJ - Movimento Empresas Juniores (MEJ) and as a mentor in the Junior Achievement programs.

I am the creator of projects and initiatives that encourage dialogue, open space for innovation and protagonism through the lives Control-Versas and The Era of Longevity that take place on instagram @stellabittencourt.

Acting as a hacker, consultant, mentor and psychologist in partnership on projects with Fourge Management Consultancy, Kienbaum Brasil, Vilon Creative Development, LEADEdu.

Here, good conversations that generate powerful insights are always welcome.






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