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If you want to know about my professional qualifications they are all on my Linkedin profile. Go ahead and check it out. However, if you want to know about my life experience keep reading. 


I have lived long enough to know that life experiences are the ones that count. So let me tell you a little about myself. I have lived in 14 houses, in eight different cities and two continents. For many years the only stable thing in my life was change. The focus on planning and organization has been a result of a lot of hands-on practice, learning through my failures and improving by successes. 


I lived abroad as a teenager and came back with the ultimate motto of 'do it yourself', and this has influenced me to this day. I worked as an English teacher throughout college and my passion for people led me to study everything that was related to them, and found out very early on in my life that travelling is transformative! 


Meeting new people, new places, learning different languages = new ways of thinking because, as you know, the language we speak structures our thoughts. Having had the possibility to build culturally different friendships which were so personally similar to me, makes me believe that physical trips are also inner journeys, and these we can accomplish no matter where we are. This is what many peopel call self-knowledge.


I have two daughters, many friends, I speak three languages and certainly the most important life lessons I have undergone have always happened through the different relationships I hold with people. My love for reading is shared with some friends and the exchanging of books is a constant practice between us.


My involvement in social projects, planning and execution, happens due to the trust I have in people. This has led me to be a facilitator of learning processes in places such as communities, schools, colleges, universities, and NGOs.


More than meeting and knowing others, the key is in knowing yourself. And this is not a solitary journey because identity is revealed in the presence of another. Knowing what I like and do not like makes visible both my strengths and development needs. 


If you thought this text is about me, let me clarify that it is about you. You, who have read this until the end, must also be full and eager for real stories, with smells, touches and tastes. You are also up for a life that is less plastic and more... (fill as you like).


The Life Strategy Process is one of the many possibilities for you to build the life you want.


Remember! The decision is yours.







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