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Life Strategy,

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"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."


Dwight Eisenhower    
Support to make the change you want

I am Stella and you?


If we want to work together we have to get to know each other.

On a closer look, who are you really?


I will listen attentively and use specific approaches to get to know you better. Together we will identify, deconstruct and reorganize whatever is proposed, creating something new.

So, where are we going?


At this stage we will define clear “routes” for your “journey”: realize changes, materialize in this world what you desire for Yourself and for Others.

Adjusting the compass


Cheers, we did it!

What and how could it have been better? What was left behind?

What are the next steps?


We decide together.

Agreed = Realized


As a coach that supports and charges from his athlete, my presence will help You achieve what we have agreed upon. The periodicity of our encounters will guarantee the process of the realized plan.

Go ahead and do it!


Here we will outline your plan of action with immediate tasks looking ahead to bigger deadlines.


Lets get to work!

Some of the objectives we can construct upon:


  • What to do to get a general idea of the life I am living.

  • It is time to change concepts and break paradigms.

  • Make changes and advance in the personal/professional aspect of my life.

  • I need to be more efficient in realizing my tasks.

  • I need to feel, think and act coherently.

  • I would like to level up my gains.

  • I feel this is the moment to become a better person.

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What really concerned him was his relationship with friends and family. He had the feeling that he reproduced conflict situations repeatedly. After our meetings it became clear how to make a change. In his words : Starting with the analysis of the DiSC tool and understand my behavioral preferences generated awareness and responsibility for my actions. The key in all of this was self-knowledge, as it allowed me to leverage strengths, recognize limitations and, above all, achieving the maximum of my potential. I recommend the DiSC to begin the process!”                                                 


Life Strategy.



At the first meeting he is saddened. Recently lost who had been his companion for 20 years. Gradually abandons his company which already shows signs of high debt. Feels distant in his relationship with his children and friends.  His process? In his words: “ Everything happens at the right moment and I have now given back meaning to my life, I now have willpower again to work, have now turned back to old dear friends, even my kids are surprised by my positive state beyond all the facts”.


Life Strategy.



Pedagogue with a clear passion for early childhood education, Luís has to decide where to undergo his masters abroad. France is his favorite destination, but he dominates the Italian language with mastery. During the process he builds a strategy that while doing his masters in Rome, he prepares himself for a doctorate in Paris. In his words: “It was fantastic to draw out a plan of action that included my dreams, embrace both opportunities”.


Life Strategy.


Lives off her younger sister's allowance, which was supported by her for years. Unemployed and thinking she would never go back to making any money, lives with her labrador in a three-bedroom house. Her words: “When we started the hour and a half meetings, I was looking for a course to make bread and deliver it to the neighborhood. Today I have three job prospects with values superior to what I was earning the previous year. Planning is everything!!”ching.

Life Strategy






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