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"A friend told me about LS process. I did not know exactly what I was looking for or what I would find but it was a rebirth of ideas and possibilities. It was a joy to rediscover myself, to know that I can and do not need to hide from me. I am willing and I am gradually changing my thoughts and attitudes. In a short time I will be able to follow the course of my heart. I recommend the process to all who in one way or another are looking for a redirection, an encounter with oneself, with their essence. Sometimes we follow what life offers us instead of what we want. It's good to know what we like and how to reach it. "


Alexandra Potter

Commercial Analyst

48 years old

"The LS process went well. It had good tools, some of which I already knew and I must confess I would hardly do it without help. The process was well conducted by Stella.

As benefits, I felt an increase in my willingness to start new things in life, equivalently in the professional field, which I have already started. Most important the construction of professional alternatives in an organized and realistic manner, which I can see. "


Anderson Jesus

Head of DSO / FDHR

29 years old

"I believe that the entire LS process has made me reaffirm concepts like empathy, professionalism and association of good ideas. I have a variety of professional experiences and I realized that the choices I have made did not take into consideration important people that contribute to my constant learning. The weekly sessions made me rethink, relearn to organize my life and better live together in a group. It was very valuable to go through it with Stella and my colleagues. "


Analu Morrone

Administrative Agent

   42 years old

"Prior to the process I was very concerned about my professional life due to unexpected changes at work. I was lost and wondering what I would do next. I thought of many things but nothing was really clear. After the LS process, I feel calm, optimistic and able to see a range of possibilities. I feel more open-minded. "


Roberta Krumel

Administrative Analyst at DSO / FDRH

36 years old


"The LS process allowed a deep look into the present moment of my life, desires, and dreams. I was provided with the opportunity to rethink my professional life and retrace different paths. I ended up understanding that my high level of self-standard results in an evident lack of innovation. This discovery was invigorating! Creating action plans was essential to get where I want to!"

Sandra Ruth


56 years old



"LS was an innovative experience, assertive and objective, which gave me a constructive and practical vision for planning and doing. Thought and Action!"

Ana Maria Fernandes

Artisan and Biodanza Facilitator

58 years old

"[...] It is important to go through the LS process and have clarity of my desires, dreams, possibilities for concrete action with joy, lightness, and pleasure. I have learned during the process to plan, think, feel, and act with integrity. Stella gave me tools, strength, and support to move forward happily!"

Jussara Vieira

Municipal Public Servant

54 years old



"It was an important period to review my goals, my difficulties and come out of stagnation. With the aid of different tools and LS methodologies, I was able to experiment and dare to go beyond. Since our encounters were of a weekly nature, I felt there was a greater commitment, as well as felt supported in order to give objectivity to the work being done, seek new resources, and thus provide myself with greater autonomy."

Mariana Prezzi


55 years old



“My experience in LS was very significant, and during an important moment of life, as it has revealed positive aspects in me that I had forgotten or not used to their full potential... being these important behaviors to rebuild attitudes that until then had transited in negativity. Coaching brought important practical issues relative to the "how to", providing tools for alternative and creative ways to both connect to and overcome difficulties.”


R. Ranzolin


Atelier Ressignificando

50 years old



LS has taught me that planning is the way to succeed! It has directed me to see my weaknesses and where I can improve to be successful and place more energy into what I do. Stella has helped me feel secure with my decisions.”

Renata Bentz

Cotação - Turism and Exchange

39 years old



“The LS process has enabled a true self-assessment bringing disguised or hidden feelings and perspectives to light. It has provided organization of thought and the search for clearer, specific goals. As a coach, Stella kept the necessary distance between coach / coachee whilst unraveling and dissipating all doubts.”

Karla F. Deud José

Pharmaceutical Industry

53 years old

“[...] Today I feel closer and more secure about my accomplishment capabilities, for the experiences I had during the LS process helped me confirm my ability to create 'action' in the world.”


Letícia Souza Pacheco


38 years old

“[...] These have been sessions that have helped me organize internal conflicts, and consequently aided me in organizing my day to day life. LS has brought me clarity of thought and made me hear the "lost " within me. Stella [...] was able to conduct our sessions and myself in a very practical way, where I finally reached simple conclusions or solutions that before seemed so complicated. [...] The greatest gain throughout this coaching experience was the organization skills, which were key in all our meetings and that have certainly produced a great result for me.”


Elaine Pradier

HNSC nutritionist

59 years old

“It was very important to identify my difficulties in various areas; professional, personal, spiritual. Through the LIFE STRATEGIST's guidance, I was able to align my thoughts in order to achieve my proposed goals as well as reach a healthy life balance. I found this all to be of great value to me, because today I feel absolutely sure of what I want and where I can go, focused and surprised by the results that rely solely on me, achieved without suffering.

I recommend this process to anyone, as it is one which opens doors to a happier and more fulfilling life... it is definitely worth being a coachee.”


Silvio Luis Silveira

Diretor da Atmosphere Coifas Eletrostáticas Ltda.

53 years old

“Beginning with a current-state assessment on different areas of my life, Stella helped me map out appropriate and rich strategies, which delivered excellent results when put into practice. Besides having a thorough understanding of current theories that she practices in her field, she is loving and visibly cares about the coachee. Congratulations and thank you.”


Ana Luiza Guerra Serres

IT Consultant

53 years old



“The process was excellent in my life because I could see clearly and objectively, through the mediation of Stella, my goals and what has prevented me from achieving these goals successfully. LS is also a work of empowerment and recognition of talent. I have come out on th other side, confident and sure that I can and I am able to recognize my losses and gains in the search for my happiness, through an efficient and transformative plan of action.

André Luis Simoni

Biodanza Facilitator

44 years old



“The LS conducted provided a rapid understanding of the areas of my life, helping me during a time of career transition, enabling me to focus on the essentials and garnering energy to advance onto my next steps, which were strategically mapped out by the coaching process. Stella gets the job done with a lot of passion and dedication, aligned with a rich life experience and ability to transform data into immediate results, an extremely high quality professional.”

Luciano Uilis Gomes

Mynarski International Valuation

40 years old



"For me it was fun, challenging and a great learning experience. The opportunities to organize time to research, study the subject and the group to reach consensus on theoretical and practical issues, combining the schedules of group members for meetings were valuable lessons throughout the process.The integration of the group was crucial. To be able to better organize my time to research and study was the highest point.

It was all very well conducted by our Mentor!"


Rosi Schwarz

Nurse Transpersonal Therapist

55 years old



"[...] through research, readings, “Tarot”, and encounters filled with flavor I had an experience of great learning. By receiving guidance and appraisal that I was on the right track made me feel better, more confident. Summarizing what I had studied and selecting the most important information for the presentation was a great learning experience.

As I evaluated myself, I realized I knew a lot more than I had initially thought."


Andrea Diforena 

Public Servant

41 years old



"The whole process was very satisfactory and motivated me to study more. I learned a lot through group dialogue, exercising my listening skills, understanding my colleague’s perception on theory and hearing about their experiences. Stella as a mentor brought questions that clarified the points common to all the theories being studied. Time shared structuring experience, the exchanges, the shared flavors were all unique! I felt challenged to give up agendas, prioritize training, exercise patience, and organize myself for meetings.

The process was very productive, creative and emotional.

I learned so much!"


Viviane Borges

Social Worker

34 years old



"We met, studied, researched, and exchanged ideas. It was challenging, I must say... an experience that will stay with me. We first experienced the group's integration process and then faced the dropouts.What was most important? Stella´s incentive and support, stimulating us in a positive way. Congratulations for the good work and thank you from the bottom of my heart."


Maria Helena Mattos


57 years old




"The course for me was refreshing, instigating, brought me a new vision of the current and eminent problems of the institution in which I work. It was also an excellent moment of integration, rich exchange of experiences and learning. Two entire days of great personal enrichment and renewal of goals / possibilities in people management."
Laura Regina Sedrez Porto
Attorney at Law

34 years

"The course was enriching, making it possible to acquire new knowledge and exercise it. It was also very thought-provoking, in the sense of arousing curiosity about new techniques for conflict resolution and people management in general. Reviewing members and servers in the same group is always very productive. I suggest 'module2'. "
Ximena Cardozo Ferreira
Attorney at Law - Director of PJ taquara
40 years old

"The course was a pleasant surprise, blended interactive activity with lecture and brought useful information to professional and personal life."
Susiane Bicca Mespaque Madruga
Attorney at Law
44 years old

"The course of People Management through Collaborative Processes was very beneficial and motivating. I was able to reflect a lot on my relationships in the workplace, family, and groups. I leave here reflecting on how to improve on the conflicts issues as I am part of it, and also on those who intervene. "
Patrícia Disegna
Assistant Coordinator of the HR Division
39 years old

"The course was excellent. It brought new information and ideas from a different perspective. It motivated me to know more about the subjects discussed and to develop myself at the professional and personal levels. It brought a lot of reflections about how I see myself and how I perceive others. It  indicated new paths. "


Carla Cabral Lena Souto

 Evaluation Committee Chairman for Probationary Servants

42 years old

"It was sensational because it opened up internal horizons. It made me resolve a conflict within Ceaf today. I took the courage to talk to the colleague about the situation and we started again positively.

He also gave me the possibility of making contracts and revalidating them.

It showed the need to have empathy and compassion in all relationships.

Stella, you're to be congratulated! For the ability to train and show tranquility. Again thank you very much for inviting me to reevaluate concepts. Today I feel a bit modified. "


Rochele Pereira Cabrera

Substitue Administrative Agent CEAF

36 years old

"It was fantastic, techniques that will be applied to solve conflicts in my professional and personal routine: Develop a new Mental Model of conflict resolution in a non-violent and collaborative way."
Claudia Vaz Pinto
43 years old

"Course was very good to complement the knowledge in circular processes." (Collaborative Processes in People Management)
Luciana Casorotto
Regional Education Promoter
39 years old

"It was a great experience. Gave knowledge and clarified a few other things that made me better understand the result of previous experiences. In addition, the exchange with colleagues essentially concerned with the "human" of the Institution (and not only technical) is always rich. "(Course of Collaborative Processes in People Management)


Dovaní Borges Medeiros

Attorney at Law - RS

35 years old

"The course was thought-provoking and at the same time met my expectation as to alternative ways of conducting conflicts."
Lúcio Baumgarten Cáceres
Management and Control Coordinate/ MP-RS
46 years old

"The course was very thought-provoking, it took me out of the comfort zone; it made me reflect on various personal and professional aspects. I leave here today feeling grateful, and undoubtedly a much better person, wishing for more. Thirsty for more encounters like these! I loved meeting you, it gave me wonderful energy! Thank you! I hope we can work together again. "


Daniele Uflacker Petrini

Assistant Coordinator at CEAF Educational Management Unit

39 years old

"The course was a pleasant surprise. I have learned that by centralizing tasks I am not relieving the work of others or sparing their efforts. In fact, I'm preventing them from participating in the collaborative work process. Collaborative Processes are important for people's growth and development. The network only brings benefits. Stella, thank you for the generosity and sharing of learning. "


Liziane Pozzobon

Assistant Advisor - MP - RS

49 years old

"The Collaborative Processes in People Management course was extremely relevant for providing this group with knowledge, practical activities and methodological guidelines to be implemented.

The content is pertinent. Stella made demonstrations of practical situations of how to apply (possibility) in work situations. Congratulations, it was very (I think) important for me to have had this possibility of learning. Thank you."


Gustavo Morteo Eboli

Administrative Assistant at Ceaf - MP - RS

50 years old

"This course will make me a better, more understanding person and I will be able to manage my professional and personal lives better, because dealing with people is one of the most difficult activities, we deal with feelings, wishes and differences. But what struck me more is that with dialogue and respect we can make our days better, making the living harmonious. "(Conflict Mediation Course)


Aerta Grazzioli Moscon

Archivist - SMARH

51 years old

"I think everyone should have something similar."
Bruno Heerdt Veiga
Mechanical Engineer - DETRAN - Removal and Depositing Centers, Recycling and Vehicle Auctions
32 years old

"I've experimented new concepts, I've lived interesting experiences for myself and the groups I'm involved with. I go back to work with the challenge of implementing them (in me) and in the Human Resources area. "


Cintia Schivinscki Gonçalves

Criminal Examiner SSP / IEP / Criminal Forensic

43 years old

"I learned a lot both for working purposes and my personal life. I had the opportunity to socialize and interact with 45 people, in a very rich environment exchanging experiences and knowledge. Life continues to demand new challenges to qualify my skills in people management and this course certainly helped. "


Araci Menezes de Moura

Pedagogue - HPSP / PROSER

59 years old

"I was able to deepen my knowledge on the subject of “conflicts”. To speak of conflicts is to speak of us, of our own personal story, ... talk about passion, which is the fuel of conflicts. "


Maria Gabriela Carrizo Mallmann

Social Worker - CORSAN

32 years old

"Incredible experience! I looked at Collaborative Processes  and Circles of Peace Course as am mini course on myself, my relationships at work and with my daughter. Although it is geared towards the corporate environment I was able to identify many successes and mistakes in my personal life. I do need to respect  silence and respect others, so I will listen better. May we have many learning experiences like that. "


Patrícia Berg da Trindade

Sociologist RH - Ceaf - MP-RS

34 years old

"Congratulation to Stella and her competent project. The activities were applied in a dynamic way with the whole group, facilitating  Non-violent Communication. No doubt a 'Hands on – Learn and do' course. "


Vanderlan Carvalho de Vasconcelos

Attorney at Law - CEASA-RS.

59 years old

"High points? Meet new people, and  all the dynamics involved in the course from the beginning. It is well known that I no longer have the patience to be in the classroom as proposed by our academy and this course of Collaborative Processes has brought exhibitions and a form of content absorption that transcends this archaic model we are accustomed to dealing with. "


Tatiana Souza

Economist, RH TCE-RS

33 years old

"It was great to be able to interact with different people and learn with colleagues. At the end I was satisfied and happy. The contents have applicability in my personal and work environment. Non-violent Communication was a great learning tool. "


Jéssica Camargo

Psychologist, Department of Occupational Health Support - CORSAN

26 years old

"I had the opportunity to acquire, and practice intensively, new knowledge in the area of People Management. The dynamics used by the teacher always led us to test the limits of our knowledge and, at the same time, enriched us with an immense exchange of experiences. I am sure that the time invested will bear fruit in my work and, on a larger scale, in all the personal contacts of my life. "


Augusto Ferreira Corralo

External Control Officer – HR Service TCE-RS

35 years old

"The course was very practical and allowed reflection. I felt like going back to studying, and read more. It was very important to realize that to work developing  people, I should not forget my own development. I also liked my posture in the group, my openness to learning and getting to know other people. It was a very fruitful two-week course. "


Daniela Alves Pauletti Etges

Psychologist DETRAN / RS

37 years old

"It was a different course, with an interactive methodology among participants. We turn theory into practice. We study theory in practice, sharing experience with our colleagues. This course exceeded my expectations and brought knowledge that will be used both in work and for life. "


Fernanda Mantovani

Contracts Coord. - DETRAN / RS

27 years old

"The Leadership and Mediation Course high points are: the contents, the dynamics, the didactics and Stella´s charisma. This opportunity was very rich because I learned things that I can apply both in my future work and in personal life relationships. "


Larissa Portinho dos Reis Bandeira

Penitentiary Technician - Attorney at SUSEPE

32 years old

"The course, besides preparing for the day-to-day work, brought insightes to my final paper at the Graduate Program in Public Management. Having done two technical courses and with a college degree, this was the best and most productive course I have ever done. I have difficulty speaking in public but in this course I let go because of the human warmth and reciprocity between people revealed by the dynamics proposed by Stella. I am taking positive experiences into my personal and professional life. "


Rosângela Biscardi Groff

Administrative Agenta at SMARH CELIC DEGEON 

50 years old


"I am very pleased with the course, as it has taught several approaches to conflict resolution, such as Non-Violent Communication. The subject "Ethics in the Public Service" was well addressed and explained, as well as the other topics. I had taken two courses with Prof. Stella and her teaching is unique because she teaches in a simple way, making learning easy, as well as the examples used in all practical exercises applied. "


Monika Wagner

EGR Humana Resources Manager

35 years

“Quality of Service in the Public Service” course held at FDRH, given by Professor Stella, brought light on key aspects of serving, from presentation to approach, from the importance of communication to teamwork. She provided us with tools to the solid construction of a Service Manual that meets in a profound way our needs and explores our skills. [...] a very positive learning process to our organization.


Rodrigo Jaroseski  

Architect and Urban Planner, Service and Inspection Manager

35 years old



"I walked into the Quality Service Customer Course convinced that it would not bring anything new to the table since this is my strong suit, but Stella, as a teacher, removed all prejudices using creative didactics and interesting dynamics that showed not only myself but also my team, a fun and clever way to learn."


Harim Pires Beserra 

Administrative Assistant CAURS

29 years old



"I tried to keep an open mind during the dynamics and every day I went to FDRH with the goal of returning home having learned something new!

Perhaps even more than the content itself the most important thing was the approach! The course could have been extremely exhausting, but Stella's dynamism and ease in connecting its content with everyday situations made me want to go back for even more lessons after our last session."



Andrea Pinheiro

Architect CAURS

26 years old



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